War of the Worlds

In the city of Karachi, you barely see a good movie being shown on the big screen frequently. The last I managed to go to the cinema for was The Matrix. We all know the story so well, most of us detest the sequels at the same time. 

These days one of the main cinemas in the city are showing The War of the Worlds, which I managed to somehow see this weekend. What really surprises me is how well the directors, producers and actors in the movie manage to capture the emotions of those that are scared to utter a single word against terror. Lucky and simultaneously unlucky for us, the developed world is on a warring rampage to silence the majority of the same planet, the ones who have been over the years always oppressed, by their own leaders and also by just about everyone outside their world. 

The World is at War… as much as we may hate ourselves for electing such notorious criminals as leaders of our countries, we are still the ones responsible to bring this about on us… When are we going to understand what others think? Do we all think alike? Are we all alike? Would this world not be the most perfect of all creations had we been able to establish a single point of agreement and standard of life? Then we would not have been the angels that God created to be the beings that have a singular purpose of existence, ie obey the Lord’s every Will and Command without Question? Is this what we are? A bunch of animals who are ready for a ruthless and bloody battle to ensure that we only survive while the rest are either killed and left to decay or eaten up by the other mortals?

I wish we had the saner version of the world that we live in… Its just too painful to comprehend what we end up doing on the pretext of human rights…


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