interview… with the human (or so i thought)

Today I happened to come across a human, who happened to be taking my interview, unlike the vampire who was at the other end. A nice guy actually… would have been better had I not screwed up my act.

But I believe it was not my fault. My car broke down on me, and in this sweltering heat that we bear practically all year round in Karachi. Eventually took a cab and rushed, landing well in time.

“Where do you see yourself fit in the organisation, and where do you see yourself in a span of 5 years?”

I end up asking this question to each person that I interview… Alas! I guess I wasn’t well prepared for a taste of the primary killer of all my candidates, one day hitting back at me with a wretched claw, gnawing at me, with a grin on its invisible face the question ate at me from my inside.

I gave the best possible answer, which I thought would have been just the right dose for the thirst he had for a positive reply. It seemed he was eager to get THE answer, but somehow I just fell short of the exact requirement. Nervous… I was… buy why? Why do I feel this way? Am I not ready to take the plunge and become the next best thing? I do feel I am but why this uneasiness?

Is it because I have been out of practice for some time? Or is it because I am mostly on the otherside of the desk, thus the experience falling short of what would generally hold true for a confident person.

I dare not ask the question to myself. Yet, I do feel that having made sure that it was something within me that took that top position away from me today, its best to seize what can be seen as a second chance.

Yes! A second chance… Somehow I have the opportunity to prove my true worth… A second go at what I have just lost to my uneasiness…. A chance to regain the glory that has been lost to my own cowardice ….

Now is the time to shine… The time to give it one good shot before I leave the battle field… A chance to win my ground, gracefully…



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