to paradise… and back

All of a sudden, on a cloudy Sunday morning, at 11am, we had the crazy idea to go out for a feasty breakfast, and then head for a beach to check out the waves…. it was high tide today, so wanted to check out the waves…

Guess what! We ended up having some freaked out extra-fun this time… took a 40km ride off to Paradise Point, off to the edge of Karachi… to check out the lashing waves… ABSOLUTE BEAUTY !!!!

Then to Hawkesbay… a beach just before Paradise Point… although we wanted to go further ahead, but were not allowed because of high tides.

Anyway… took up whatever opportunity was available… and managed to take a good look at the open Arabian Sea… and I must say it was my first time… so was trying to absorb all that I could, before I leave…

The beach was completely drowned out, as the breeze and waves hit us with immense pressure and a never-before-seen kind of rage. It was amazing… have no words to explain what I feel right now… mind-blowing…. if that helps !

Later in the day, returned back to the hustling bustling city, had a good lunch… and then came back home to rest ourselves out… it was a Sunday… after all.


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