A week into the new …

The first weekend after I revise my scope and re-determine the path I intend to walk. Today, a Saturday, the first work week at a new place has ended. And how do I feel? Exhilarated! And why shouldn’t I?

A week ago I was practically rendering my obligations in the state of unrest and dissatisfaction. I usually don’t face such situations, but this has been going on for over a year. A continuing period of reluctance, a feeling of being removed from what I attached myself with so honestly for more than span of 2 and half years.

Something that I created so dearly with my own hands had been snatched so badly that I had bled for long. It took a long time to even cover the wounds, and when it was just about coated with the hard layer of skin that comes in first, a second jab right through my hands, telling me that it was I that created this monstrous monument from within my own creation. How could I? Why would I even consider such a plot of defaming my own self and that which I feel so attached with?

I still don’t understand why all of this ever happened. Should I have stuck to the adage “there are no emotional attachments in business” and on to my routine of being the ordinary guy? But I was out there to prove to myself and everyone that I was beyond what “ordinary” can be defined. Of course, not extra-ordinary, yet superior enough to give me the satisfaction of being worthy of respect from my peers.

Of all the things I do, the only thing I yearn so badly for is the love of the people that I am with. The only feeling that keeps me attached to my ambition of being the one person who can be depended on, and gain the respect that everyone deserves.

So now if you ask me how do I feel now that I have disconnected from long history of almost 4 years gone by recently, and moving to a completely new arena, my answer would be simple.

Exhilarated! And why shouldn’t I …


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