Another week… of learning

Indeed its been a good week, I must say. I’ve been learning some really new tricks of the trade, and believe me, its worth every minute spent.

Today, although not exactly the end of the week, I stayed along with my boss right till 8pm. We were discussing some projects re exhibitions and methods of presentation.

Okay, I guess I need to add here that I am now into Business Development with an IT and Telecom here, and quite honestly, that’s exactly what I had been advocating before I left my previous job. They just couldn’t grasp the idea of where I was heading. I’d say they were stuck in a mindset, rather than accusing me of not being able to match with what they were thinking.

Of course, no people are alike, therefore the concept of exact thoughts and patterns are way out of the way… it just doesn’t happen much.

Anyway, to where I was… New ideas, new opportunities to work on. I love it… and why shouldn’t I…. its just too good… something I’ve been waiting for a looooong time…


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