the other day a friend asked me to write a testimonial for her… and i said i barely know you… jokes apart.. we’ve just known each other for about 2 weeks…

here’s the harsh reality… how many testimonials do you see on my Orkut profile? how many scrap messages do you see, that have automatically come in from someone, whom i haven’t messaged just before? how many of the friends that i have listed actually reply to my scrap at all, let alone promptly ….

I’ve been asked several times to send scraps, or testimonials… and I’ve done that… using my previous account….

each of those not returned, not thanked for or anything… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

in your opinion, what should i feel like when I’m requested again?

on this current account, there are just a handful of people listed. because quite honestly, i don’t find it useful to include any others…. i just come to the realization that what is the use of having a huge list of friends, who barely ever write to you… or even just greet you once in a while…

and that is exactly why i have very very few friends… just a small group and that’s it… because it hurts a whole lot when no one finds the need to remember you…. especially when you’ve done so much for them …


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