the new year… whats next?

on the eve of new year, i was all around the city with the family, expecting it to be all lit up and gorgeous…. oddly enough, just about everything was shut … barely anything worth the mention, except maybe for a few food outlets.

would you believe that even the fuel stations were out cold?? i mean, closed and caped all around? yup, that was the actual scene… and the stations that were open in other parts of the city had taken to overcharge for fuel…

so, on the very next morning, woke up late unusually and then off to our favourite halwa puri spot… then for some stuff on the way back… then all of a sudden a detour towards the outskirts of the city…. ie paradise point area…

a pleasant day all round but i was like all drowsy for no apparent reason, but that was probably cuz Sunday’s are the only weekend i have…. and then the weather just makes you stay in bed all covered up in a blanky… ummm… i surely do love to stay all curled up… 🙂

when i came back home it was like 6pm.. and all i could do was just plop into bed and off to sleep… woke up again after 9pm. that was one heck of a day…. the first part all lazing out and about, the rest just dozing off …

whats next???? i wonder 🙂


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