Its Eid today… a day of happines… or is it…

It was Eid today, with a whole lot of animals piling up the ground where they were till yesterday kept and fed each day since the beginning of the month.

Till last night, everyone had a problem with the caretakers, because quite honestly they were lousy at handling those poor animals. The most comic scene was where one of those goats which were from the northern mountainous regions was literally scaring off the other goats, and also cows.

In the morning, the mayhem of slaughtering started soon after we all returned from the mosque, offering thanksgiving prayers. The butchers were far more in a hurry to slit the throats of all animals, rather than their owners. You could see blood and all those leftovers piling all over the ground, creating an unwanted and disgusting scene, becoming unbearable to most of them, especially the girls who just saw this for the first time up close and personal.

Anyway, the butchers used to just come over and ask “do you want to slaughter your cow now or what?”. My obvious answer, since we were predetermined, was that we’ll do it tomorrow.

The overall benefit of performing the sacrifice on the first day of Eid are various, but this has been turned into a point of advantage by the butchers, who start charging unworldly rates for slaughtering the poor animals. Ok, I know that this happens once in a year, but to tell you the truth the vast majority of these are not even real butchers. They just do it for the sake of making the superbly extra buck, since everyone is in need of them on this one occasion.

Just today, I also heard that a friend of my brother’s is terribly sick. Right now, as my brother came back home, I hear that he has Hepatitis C, and his condition is critical. His livers have failed, and bleeding is uncontrolled. The poor chap is almost at the verge of losing his life, purely because of his own doing. As my brother describes him, he was careless; and he’s had this fever for over a month before he finally went in for treatment. Why do people take their lives so carelessly? Whenever you drive across any street of Karachi, you’ll find loads of people just aimlessly and in a carefree frenzy just cross the road or roam around on the roads as if there is not vehicle coming. They don’t even care to move, although you’re blowing the horns every time just time to have them move just an inch so that your car can squeeze through.

Anyway; our cow is due for sacrifice tomorrow morning, Insha Allah. We intend to do it rather peacefully, without the hassles and uncontrolled mess today.

Pray for that poor chap, who is suffering in the hospital right now, while his parents are helplessly praying for his health and revival.

Hoping for better health, peace, prosperity and joy for all.

Best wishes.


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