my last blog revolved around 2 subjects. as i writ…

my last blog revolved around 2 subjects. as i write today, neither of them remain.

the cow, well it was bound to be sacrificed today. so at about 10.30am, it breathed its last. i was the one who took care of it the most over the last few days, made sure it ate as much as it wanted, made it feel loved, because i feel that i owed it at least that much.

so that was the end of it. my instructions to the butchers to not forcefully deal with were heard and the cow was treated justly. therefore, i was satisfied. overall, i am satisfied. something is mising, yet.

my brother’s friend has expired. last i heard was when i came back after collecting all the meat that another friend sent a text to my brother asking when was the funeral taking place. shocking isn’t it… how people take things so easily, even life itself. had a fever for a month, and didnt even mention it to his parents, and went on till he couldn’t tolerate. then the doctors at a hospital just carelessly retained him there, till he was told that they couldn’t do anything AFTER 5 DAYS!

couldn’t they say this earlier? would it not have helped if he was given sufficient treatment around 5 days earlier? the problem here is that the fellow himself was careless enough to not show or exhibit the pain he was feeling. he was careless not to mention anything that he had a fever and headache for well over a month.

i only hope that no one acts irresponsibly like this. i can only wish that although our nation is suicidal, they realise that doing these kinds of things do not help, but hamper and discomfort the lives that surround them. how will his parents deal with the grief that he himself has brought to them? it is true that we cannot control what is destined to happen, but you can certainly control how it will happen. i feel really sorry for him, and although i barely knew him, the pain hits me right within.

i wish whatever did happen could be reversed… May His Soul Rest In Peace…. May The Lord Forgive Him, and Accept His Parents Prayers For Him. … Amen…


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