lahore lahore hai….

if just got one thing to say to all things that exist in lahore and there is absolutely no logical reason for it to exist… “Lahore Lahore Hai…”

those that live in lahore and love it to the core… you can live with the above statement… and you’ll remain the way you, for as long as you live… for those not directly linked with the city, they’ll know why i say this…

anyway.. so i’m down here in this oddly patched up city of the old and new… for an exhibition that we signed up to participate. now, under the normal impression, lahore is a booming city for IT… you know i’d like to witness that too…

arrived yesterday morning, our ride was late while we were standing at the airport for a good 30 minutes. next, we make quite decent requests for certain services… none of them have been delivered.. not till now they haven’t.

i’ve had lunches here at the same place, so that’s my recommendation for those visiting lahore.. go to iceberg (near fortress stadium), and do check out the ice cream there too…. the food is mostly the same you’ll get at KFC or similar joints.

dinner on the first day was provided by the hotel a whole 45 minutes after we ordered… ain’t that just amazing??? yup, i can’t believe it either… and the drinks… just dont ask… cuz they never were delivered… not till now ….

pssst… i may have to break the window, cuz it just won’t open… the washrooms are pathetically small, and you have the old lota thingy happening here… oh… not to mention the same at the Allama Iqbal International Airport… (thats in Lahore too… )

did i mention the way people driver here?? and i thought Karachi traffic was ridiculous

the only and abundantly available mode of transportation is the old rickety-shaw… just watch how these guys drive…

people here just talk in punjabi… and that’s it.. any other language and they become insecure with you… why? i dunno… you say anything to them and they won’t care if you’re their customer or what…. they’ll just take it personally and treat you rudely…

one more day of this exhibition and i’m outta here.. back to my home in the wonderful city of Karachi…. and trust me… there’s no place like home….

here in lahore, no matter how much you say that everything here is IT… you’ve gotta rewrite the statement as “everything here is going to be IT in lahore… in 2015… perhaps”. right now there is nothing that i see that would tell me that this city is ready for an IT boom even… i wonder if they ever will be…

lahoris… u guys are way behind on everything… have to say this cuz its the truth… making good clothes ain’t gonna get you anywhere… you have to be smart and intelligent to wear those and show yourself to the world too… you guys lack in presentation a whole lot…. only a handful of you are moving in the right direction…. they rest are just by-standers.

whereas in karachi… you’ll see anything and everything happening… and believe me there is a lot of awareness of everything in karachi… but not in your city… work it up people… you really need to make a huge effort …

anyway… another day to go… so i better sleep off for now… and will write later …


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