home and back

home… that’s where my heart is… and that is not here. recently i went to Dubai, a place i’ve lived a major part of my life, and i felt like being at home.

i’ve lived in this city, Karachi, for quite some time now… had my higher education right here, but somehow that feeling of belonging some place remains. i remembered all the places i have been, the streets and buildings that i recognised so easily … as i said.. .it was pretty much home for me even after such a long time.

while coming back on Tuesday evening, i was feeling somehow reluctant to take that journey back here. something said to me that i would fit easily there, since it was an environment i was already quite used to.

although i am back, i still feel that i was at home for just a while… and back to a place which i feel rather alien to even after such a long time that i’ve lived here.

if you want to check the pictures, visit www.flickr.com/photos/nvz
you’ll get a glimpse of me and my colleagues making the best of the time we had on our hands.

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