I find it rather surprising sometimes, how many people on the streets of Karachi have the stamina to withstand the intense traffic jams, overloaded public buses, wild and obnoxious taxi and rickshaw drivers, and also the clumsy and ruthless car and motorbike drivers.

The streets that exist within the city of Karachi are heavily overburdened by the current rate of traffic that rides it each day. Till the time that leasing hadn’t come to the country, the traffic situation was far more healthy, with only a limited number of people having their own vehicles, while the dependent on public transportation.

Those were the good old days. However, I still do not recall any day when there wasn’t an accident involving a bus. But in those days, at least we knew that the bus drivers were those lacked brains and the sensitivity to protect their own people. Today, we see just about everyone in frenzy to race on the limited road capacity that the city has.

No one wants to wait for anyone else. True! The rather funny thing is that those that are in a hurry have already been late getting out from their homes in the morning. Now if they don’t reach work on time, their bosses are not going to be kind to them everyday. And if you have managed to secure a vehicle through a lease borrowing plan, you should have no excuse to be late to work. Fair enough! But what does happen is that there are several people out there in the city, including myself, who end up hurrying off to work, ending up in a traffic jam.

The same happens in the evening, so many people actually prefer to leave for home a little later. At least they wouldn’t have to bear the agony of driving through a complete turmoil, which we can term is the current Karachi traffic structure.

So, the crux is that the clearer the head, the better the performance, be it at home or work. And who doesn’t cherish a high-performance asset (which includes a car, by the way).

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