strike 3, ur out…

Woke up early today (darn it, it’s a Sunday for crying out loud!) to drop off my bro at the stadium… it’s the last in the series which has already been lost.

Since I was already up, I thought I might take advantage of time and get to surf around a bit freely. Its been quite a few weeks since I’ve done this, and to some extent I missed it. Recently, work has taken its toll; although I do enjoy it but it does take most of my time of the whole week. 6 days in a row, on a full-time basis… now that is not what just about every takes.

Anyway, just started with mail, then to Orkut, then the blog… and here I am writing a post on it too.

Recently I’ve come across several situations. My general trend to be home is by 8 in the evening… I barely take longer. Occasionally, I even take a break earlier, and am home by 7pm even. Recently we had a strike call in Karachi, but during the same instance had a tender to work on. By the way, this was my first, and on that too I worked practically alone. So that was one heck of a challenge. And for those of you who know me, you know well how much I love to challenge myself.

On Friday, the strike took its toll, leaving the city paralysed. On that very day, I was to finish the tender documentation, and have it ready for submission the very next morning. At home, everyone was aware on what I was doing, and during the day time I was in the office safely, with the car parked securely. Mum called up and said that my bro is coming home early, so I should also try and get out. I told her that very moment that it was not possible and I would be late. She insisted, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Anyway, what would I have done if I came home early, there was nothing to do at all.

That night I had a fight. As much as I hated it, it was something hit at me as soon as I had come back. Was it my fault that I was late even on a strike day? I mean, come on… realistically I was supposed to meet a deadline… which I did, quite gracefully making it through. The last thing I would need is to draw me into an uncomfortable corner when I’m returning home to relax and flex myself.

Then again, I guess what’s done is done. I can’t see a way out of the mess I sometimes get into.

Anyway, we managed to go out together with my bros last evening and spent a good time even at dinner. So I guess the storm is out of the way now.


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