Thoughts… ideas… things to do…

Well, it has been time since I wrote something beyond a paragraph or two. Today, I think I’ll just talk about a few things that strike me most…

Life; A mystery unsolved. And it never will be. Why, you ask?
We all have our individual experiences, none being collective in the sense that we can really have a research conducted on. Yet, there is no doubt that it is a gift beyond what we can appreciate.

Today I just spotted an article, which I had read some time ago, entitled “Working with Idiots can kill you”. And it sure can, because not everyone has a tendency to tolerate the stupidity of people around us. Look around, and when you see a person applying common sense, s/he will be ridiculed. Why? Simply, the others don’t get what is being said. And the poor chap is trying to make sense of things, ends up in a delirious state of mind, unable to cope with the unending rants and rambles of those that don’t even possess the least common denominator of sense.

Technology is a tool, and is supposed to help us gain efficiency. Unfortunately, many people take it to be a godsend. True, it is… after all if it weren’t for humans (which God created), there would be no technology. Technology, by definition, is knowledge or technique. And as we all know already, knowledge needs to be utilized and not kept lying in the closet for no one to see. Therefore, when we speak of Information Technology (IT), it is a tool to assist in managing information, and not something that is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It is technique, a method to ensure data or knowledge is accumulated and transformed into valuable information, thus helping make decisions.

Opportunity is a passer-by. Intangible, a moment in time, which seized can be history in the making. If not for the whole world, it can be even the tiniest difference to the world and life of a single individual. And why not, after all we work so hard to make things happen, a special moment at each stage makes us better than we were before. It comes without packaging, and is for all to identify what it can do for them. And unlike the common notion that it rarely comes your way, it is in fact always there, waiting for you to recognize it, and make use of it. As I said, it is a moment in time when you realize what is ahead of you, and when you seize it, you make history. The very realization of it can be special.

More to come, where that came from 🙂

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