unpredictable … unforeseen…

These days, I don’t know what’s happening to me. Had a very boring Sunday, and at the end when I took my mum and brothers out for a ride, I ended up home with a huge dent in my car. To follow, today, I ended up with a graze on my other car.

The accident on Sunday night was right outside Askari. I had already turned in from the roundabout, and closing in to the main entrance gate, when suddenly another car came screeching in, and banged right into the co-driver’s door.

That said, I ended up getting some information of the driver. To my surprise, the car registration documents weren’t complete, and neither did he have his driver’s license or car insurance documents with him. Luckily, my car was insured by my employer, so I got out of it easily. But the shock remains, which I’m trying real to get out of my mind.

Today, I brought in our family car, and as usual had a duel with the parking space issues. At midday, I had an appointment with my client. A vehicle had grazed my car from the front, where it had left its paint stains, and a gentle dent. I assume it to be a Suzuki mini-truck, by the looks of the paint, and also considering that not much damage came to my car. It must have surely suffered, due to negligence on the part of the driver.

Two such events in a row; I guess I should avoid taking the car out for a few days, till the company car returns.

I’m glad that my family is safe, none were hurt. At the same time, I feel damaged badly inside. Mostly due to the events that occurred recently in my life.

At times I think that I should just let go of things that I have tried to grasp so tightly, just let it loose. At least I won’t be creating a stranglehold on things that are unavoidably out of my control.

The question – what do I do now?


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