one thing you can rely on…

Recently I’ve experienced several changes. The weather is one, which has been quite disappointing for just about everyone around. Other things, well, I guess most things are affected in one way or the other by the weather.

There are a few things though that are not affected by anything else, and must be said to have occurred otherwise. The road rage and traffic has increased manifold over the past few months. My contacts with people are getting established, which I find rather amazing, considering the fact that I am mostly reserved. My boss has started to talk me about long term plans and considering future prospects for my work.

I feel strange, not because all this hasn’t happened to me before. What I am thinking right now is the reason behind all this sudden change. Not that I don’t like it, in fact I feel very relaxed when it all happens.

Today, again after a few times, reinforced the concept of young people getting attracted to the charms and glitz of new, high paying companies. What he doesn’t know (or probably does), that I’ve seen things like this happen every other day; nothing out of the ordinary for me. Many of these new offshore and IT companies had been contacting me earlier, even before they started, just to get a feel of a person who’s already in the field and knows what’s going on. Believe it or not, the PSEB used to ask them to call me up, and get a direct insight. It so happens that even today most of the PSEB guys in Karachi know me very well, and vice versa.

When I think about it, I thank God that He has given me the chance and the capability to enrich my skills in so many different ways. I just can’t believe the several things that I’ve been able to do, not to forget how many things I’ve learned and exercised so well, that I’ve become really good at them.

It all comes down to one thing though. TRUST! In yourself, in those around you, and most of all, GOD. There is NOTHING in this world, without TRUST.

Take it as an advice, its worth it!


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