long weekend

this friday, i landed up with a fever from the morning. visited a client, seemed a bit better, but after my return from the sizzling heat of the day, things got worse.

not only did i have a temperature, my head was spinning and ended up with a pain in my back too. now that was it. i hate it when i can’t work properly or things start bothering me and slowing down my pace…

anyway, so i took off early at around 4pm, and announced i wouldn’t be coming on saturday either. i needed a good enough rest to get my brain functioning again. did that successfully i guess, now i feel completely refreshed. much needed, i’d say…

so, friday evening was all sleep (and chat when i was awake)… and on saturday i managed to get out at noon to get our first lot of mangoes for the year… great deal captured, and now we have 2 crates full of them.

my uncle had a heart attack last week, and a by pass was due this week. although i did have a fever just a day earlier, i was pretty much back to health in the evening, and took the courage and donated my blood for him. it was good i guess… the test results were due at 1am, and on that we could only donate. my brother and i passed. we came back home at 3am, and slept at around 4am that day.

today was halwa puri day for us… so we took off again at 10am (i guess i slept prettty well to be up so early today). after breakfast, off to kaemari to see if we can find a nice guitar for my bro, alas i guess i messed up a probably good deal. anyway, others will surely come… (i hope).

went again to see how my uncle was doing, and his by pass was over at around 4pm today. let’s hope he gets well real soon.

the rest of the day was lazing off time… i guess i did plenty for a weekend… and tomorrow’s back to work…

hoping for a good week ahead…

let’s also hope that the heat comes down too… its too hot out here 😦

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