wrap up…

I’ve been thinking of writing something lately, but just couldn’t gather the time or the mood for it. Now that I have, I don’t know just what I should put down.

The last few weeks have been rather quick. Recently, we attended the e-Banking conference. Apparently we always end up having some sort of exhibition at such conferences, just to show everybody “we are here”. Well, it wasn’t just us, a lot of people and companies joined in and attended the conference and the very snug fit exhibition hall over at the Pearl Continental. Well, we just enjoyed our time and responded to the occasional visits from some prospects (and existing clients).

I also had a few encounters with my boss and had to practically tell him why I’m not pursuing new clients, and finally he understood… actually quite short lived. The very next day he was lecturing some other guys again. Sometimes I just can’t understand him. 

Anyway, we ended up with a long week (was a working Sunday). So, at the Expo Center we were and this time for the crappy C-Future event. Ok, I did manage to talk to some really good people, but eventually ended up getting real tired toward the end of Sunday. Salman left at 4.30pm, while I was supposed to wrap up and leave in about an hour. My luck I guess, was around till we finally packed up at 7pm. A lousy lunch from the stall called “Chicken King” (Oh! They were FISH experts :P).

Later, I mean during this week, we celebrated our mum’s birthday. Although I was quite tired, but managed to get home a bit early on Monday, get a nap, and head for the highway for an amazing dinner at Sajjad’s Restaurant (just before the Toll Plaza, aka point of no return). 

Now, back to the current day; no electricity at work since 10am (didn’t return till I was there at least). Went to pick up a guitar my bro had spotted and was so eager to get yesterday. At least he’s happy! And yes, he managed to catch up with his friends and watched “The Chronicles of Narnia”, which I so much want to watch in this week… next week M:I – 3 😀

There, I guess its quite a long story for just one day…


One response to “wrap up…

  1. time out 😛 u need to take some time out relax n enjoy ur life!u totally over-work urself (i overheard ur boss saying that :P)so kick back n watch that movie n sleep the rest of ur on-eday-weekend!let ur bros do the shopping this time around 🙂 bestaluck!

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