Weather away…

The weather in Karachi has been very upsetting over the past month almost now. Personally, I do not like the summers, but I understand this to be a part of natural process. Those parts of the world where summer does not come at all, they travel the world just to get a feel of the heat on their skin.

It is a common in humans to start depreciating the elements which are so much part of heredity. In one way, our geographic location of residence is also part of our heredity, because it is basically the location of choice by our parents or their parents at a certain point of time.
The natural elements, including the weather are, hence, part of our heredity, although external to our biological self, yet affecting us directly and directly.

So, even though I may not appreciate the weather where I live, it doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy the cooling within my car, or at work or even at home. As much discomforting the weather may be, you can never resist the blissful flavour of fresh fruits that are abundant in this season, and that includes my favourite… mangoes.

The MET office has announced that monsoons are expected from next week. Let’s see how that affects the current sizzle and heat. This brings me to another point. What is to become of the extensive work undertaken on the several bridges and tunnels across the city? And let’s not forget the havoc the KESC has been playing with people all over the city. And if that’s not all, you ask people to go to sleep at 9pm (be a good little boy, you all!)… by forcing all outlets to be shut down by 8pm. Now where do we all go? Imagine the amount of fuel that will now be consumed just for a drive around the city, because there won’t be any place to spend your time out at, except maybe driving around.

We’re into a lot of deep trouble with ourselves, and I guess this summer has really taken its toll on everyone…

Hoping for the best… and braving for what is next!

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