wishing for…

The very next day, F’s mother also expired. She couldn’t bear the pain I guess, because after living together with such harmony for so long, 2 people become inseparable.

I can only imagine the pain the 3 brothers must be facing, on that fateful day, and for years to come. Realizing the pain is another experience altogether. Although I know it is inevitable, and anyone could be next, I still don’t want to part from those that are around me. I love my family too much to loose any of them, but I also fear that it is something that we will eventually have to face. The sequence does not matter.

I can only pray and hope that Allah have Mercy on my parents and my siblings, and Bless them all. And I also pray to Him that my parents always be with us, for they were my first connection between me and Allah, the one’s who gave me the gift of Islam, which was brought down by our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

My parents and siblings are the best gifts that Allah could ever grant me … and I am honoured to have such a wonderful and loving family. Guys, you are a part of me, and if anyone of you is in pain, believe me I am in pain. I could never tell you this, and possibly never can. But this is how I feel for you guys, and I pray to Allah that whatever I do, I do the best for us all, and not just me.

That’s how I am, and that’s how I will forever be, and so help me God in this endeavour.

F returns to Karachi today (hopefully) and will be going over to see him. if not, then tomorrow for sure.

I haven’t been able to give myself anytime. I need to finish off my studies this December; it’s been too long that I’ve just dedicated myself to work, work and work. It’s about time that I make my decision and stick to it. I know it’s never too easy, but it’ll have to be. I need all the strength and patience I can muster to get along and do justice to myself this time. My future depends on my efforts. Then I’ll be at peace with myself, at least for one task completed.

The heat’s taking its toll on the city these days, although monsoon is already here (or at least that’s what the MET office says). I so wish the city to cool down, not necessarily through rain. If it pours, all hell will break loose on the city with all the dug up streets and construction going on all around. Just cooling will do. Last night I couldn’t sleep properly, barely any wind and had no power either.

May the Lord have mercy on us all! I guess we’ve done a lot of wrong that we end up being punished like this, but I’m hopeful for a better and more prosperous future ahead. Just hoping on hope that all goes smoothly…


4 responses to “wishing for…

  1. once in a while things happen to make u sit back, take notice, n b grateful for all that v have. *over-a-mile is the blog of the person whose site hosted dontblocktheblog*

  2. once in a while things happen to make u sit back, take notice, n b grateful for all that v have. *over-a-mile is the blog of the person whose site hosted dontblocktheblog*

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