going through …

F came to Karachi for just a few days, to settle some documentation related matters. He was trying to get on with life; as he said that it’s no use weeping over what is beyond control. True, but after such an incident I doubt that it would at all be easy for anyone.

Then again, I shouldn’t doubt him because he was the one who suffered the most, so he obviously knows better what to do, and how to tackle matters at hand.

Moving on, the weather seems slightly better off than it was early this week, with a bit of wind. Too bad the air conditioners have given up for most people, as it’s been way too hot this time for anything to let by.

KESC has come out complaining and appealing to the general public to keep the load to a minimum level of usage, which is the major reason for frequent power outage. Day before yesterday we heard of incidents in some areas where KESC repairmen were beaten up and transformers and vehicles set afire. What good does this do?

I don’t understand the mentality of our people, or at least some of them who have a tendency to go ballistic over petty matters, most of which can be easily resolved with just a short discussion. We had people set alight private property (cars etc) recently on Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi incident, near Nishtar Park. What good does that do? Why hurt those people who may themselves been a victim of the incident and harass them? What right do you people have over other’s properties? I am sure its sheer jealousy and inability to cope with the fact that others work while you just fool around.

I haven’t had much time these days, to sit at home and be with my family peacefully, or even to socialize (what little bit that I do). The fact is that I have only a handful of friends, and they are all busy (or at least I think they are quite a bit), but I manage to occasionally call them up to know how they are getting along.

Recently, I met up with an old classmate (from St Paul’s), and he updated me on where some of the other guys are currently, since we left the school. I happened to scroll through AQ’s name while browsing through our contacts. He happens to be at a leading position at one of our banking clients. What a revelation.

I often recall them and how much we used to have in those days. Since a time machine has not been developed as yet, I don’t expect myself taking that trip at least for another 10 years 😀

Many a things have changed. Yesterday, for the first time in several months I reached home by 7pm. Now that was big WOW factor for me. But I felt relieved, and I guess this sort of schedule can actually spare me time enough to socialize, study, get back to my reading and writing habits, and spend quality time with my family too. And why not; it’s all worth the effort.


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