looking back … and forward

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been gazing through the Sunday papers for another opportunity. For quite some time I haven’t been enjoying myself at work, mostly because I feel it isn’t what I actually wanted to do. The actual reason for moving to another company was to get away from the earlier one. I had had enough of it, working there for over 3 ½ years at a stretch, which I actually planned to be not more than 3 years. I knew I’d get tired soon, and I actually did. I’m glad at least one prediction of mine works fine.

The same goes for where I work now, that it would be less than a year’s expedition, which I find approachable. Why? Because it’s not the kind that I’ve been actually looking for, but I would surely admit I’ve learned a lot in these 10 months that I’ve been here.

There are certain principles and processes I follow for what I do, and if I feel them not applicable where I am, I would either influence some changes or start looking elsewhere. The latter is happening now, as the former is somewhat unrealistic a target it seems, considering the mindset that is carried here.

Since not all that is around can be changed, I have decided to move on and try something new or back to the path that I was on a year ago. Now that I look back at what I’ve been doing with my career, I somewhat feel lost and confused. Although my core profession being finance, I kind of distance myself from it, but at the same time I have a good grasp at the core concepts (not number crunching!).

2 things to do:

1. Take up a good opportunity at a good place, and move on….

2. Finish off the last papers at the year end.

Other than that, the summer is really a killer this time, but its getting just a wee bit better each day. The breeze is picking up again, thankfully.


One response to “looking back … and forward

  1. whew! is that a warning to ur current boss…:P ya u wanna tell the future one to start bracing himself for the tough cookie that u r 😀 – Goodluck:)

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