another week… another great day…

Irrespective of the fact that just last week I promised myself to post more frequently than just a week, I end up doing it all over again. One thing I have certainly taken up to do more than just often is go out and have a good time with a couple of friends. Now although I consider this to be somewhat normal for the majority of people, I tend to walk a bit of a tightrope when it comes to balancing things.

Okay, enough ranting with my own situation, I’d rather solve it already than lament.

Right, moving ahead, last night was again a blast! I seriously enjoyed hanging out with the couple of guys I went out with just 2 weeks ago. On the constant insistence of K we finally did go bowling at Area 51 and played 2 games each. Firstly, I didn’t appreciate the kind of music that they were playing. Only later did it start making sense, when it moved from the likes of Ricky Martin to something like George Michael and the rest. The second point is that the music was just too loud. Although I did like the fluorescent effect at the lanes, and very nicely done too I must say.

The outcome of the 2 games, I won the first one, followed by M and then K. The 2nd game was a turnaround, with M staying in second place, just 1 point behind K.

Later we were off to Creek Inn, and for those who haven’t been there, do venture there once. The food was good, pleasant and serene environment, far off from the crowded city. Don’t look at the price tag please, just enjoy it. You won’t be visiting the place too often to start thinking about how your budget will be hit. The best alternative is taking off to the highway, although many wouldn’t fancy the idea of driving for over an hour to get to an eatery. The price is not too high on the highway, so anyone can venture there when they feel the urge.

On Friday I had dinner with another friend of mine. He and I, and a couple of other friends have decided to venture into something new. He asked me if I was interested, and that if I am, they’d love to take me on considering my expertise and experience. So I thought why not, the idea is novel, and I surely do not mind making headway into something that is very interesting. More on that when I get there… no more questions please!

So, that’s a wrap I guess. Another promise to myself to post more often, and lighten my mood up a bit. Let’s see when that happens 🙂


One response to “another week… another great day…

  1. All the nice wishes for u, from my previous comment stand valid till eternity 😛 e-n-j-o-y!!!!Now that u kinda explained abt the place i think i went to Creek Inn too..its right off that carlton place hei na? Price tag dekhna parta hei not everyones treating me these days :Dand heyyyy wats with no questions? thats aalllllllllllll me does 😦

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