more rain, please…

Its raining again 🙂 Seriously its relieving to see even a slight drizzle, breaking a bit of the heat in the city of Karachi.

Although yesterday, being the first day of the week, should have been a lot more busy, it wasn’t. Surprising isn’t it? Actually there was work to do, except that it didn’t involve too much of movement around here and there. Just the odd visit over to I I Chundrigar Road in the afternoon, and a slightly cool but humid breeze late last night.

Was watching this movie "Timeline", about time travelling through a wormhole, being unpredictable and opening up in another location and in another time. The concept of time travel has been there since ages, long when people used to just ponder over their mistakes and just wish they could correct all that. Then one fine day a scientist came up and said "I know! I’ll make a time machine". Eureka! That is still work-in-progress. Not too far I guess, but I don’t believe it would be much of a benefit to anyone to fix things.

We get several opportunities and moments of recompense all our lives, but how we make use of these moments is something we ought to figure out ourselves. The best series on the time travel subject was "Back to the Future", the whole trilogy. I end up watching all 3 any time the cable guy plays it, no matter what time of day or night it is.

Moving on, just yesterday WAPDA cut down its supply to Karachi once again this summer. KESC has taken steps to try and maximise on available resources. They have announced a periodic 1 hour loadshedding every 4 hours, by distributing the whole Karachi city into 4 broad areas. I don’t blame them for this, because they have their hands tied and not much they can do about it. Just last week Gulshan and adjoining areas had a midnight power outage for about 4-5 hours (that included where I live). The reason was not only of the line snapping, but it was actually some people who had actually cut off a large part of the cable and left the scene. Now that’s robbery, and then the people blame the KESC for power outages.

There’s quite a lot of work happening at my company, some large projects almost due for completion early next month. So work is getting along quite fast. The business development has to gear in to get new prospects now, so that the tech team is kept pre-occupied with incoming work load, as soon as they are free from what they are doing now.

Let’s see how that goes…. All that and a bit of rain just to spoil the mood for work 😀


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