rain spell

The rain has been pouring down quite a bit this year, quite the opposite to the normal. Last time I remember this type of downpour was around 4 years back, but not so consistent at least.

Happened to be over at Lahore this Monday, a couple of business meetings were planned. Contrary to my belief, it was quite hot and humid up there, it last rained there on Saturday. The forecasts suggested there would be a thunderstorm there for at least another week. The same was predicted for Karachi, and it stayed true for that down here. Till today it’s been raining quite well, thankfully, and most of the people just love it.

On my flight back, I managed to take some really exciting shots of the cloud formation occurring right over Karachi on Monday evening. I even shot a not-so-good video, capturing the frequent lightning streaks within the clouds.

I must say that seeing that phenomenon as it happened was the most wonderous sight I’ve ever seen in my life, and truly nature’s beauty at work, although a little on the havoc side. Anyway, by all means something I really enjoyed watching and it took about 6 rounds of the city till we were able to land at Karachi airport, albeit on time. Believe it or not, PIA was on time to take off and land at both destinations.

I was simply laughing my head off when I saw the airport gate terminal ceilings actually leaking owing to the tremendous downpour over the past few days. While coming out of the airport, I had to run off to my car, which I had parked at the nearest possible spot in the morning. Well, that was done, but not without getting thoroughly wet, followed by a very slow drive towards home on the completely inundated roads. All being said, I still managed to be home by 9pm, and had a really good dinner.

The rains since Sunday have actually done more damage to the city than good, or at least that’s what most of the residents consider to be the actual case. I, on the other hand, would differ slightly, and would consider this as a blessing; too bad we weren’t prepared for it. Reality check: we don’t have a proper drainage system across the city roads – period!

I’ll try to post the pictures I mentioned above in my next post. For now, you can check them out at www.flickr.com/photos/nvz.


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