2 weeks with a whizzzzz

Well, it’s been 2 weeks and 2 days today at this new spot that I’ve chosen to extend on my career, and also a place to go beyond the realm I had lived in so far.

So, a lot of fun and friendliness that I have enjoyed so far, and I must say that I’ve been given as much freedom and flexibility as I need. Just to test out how far I would stretch myself to be part of the organisation and how well I contribute.

Then again, isn’t that what all companies do? Maybe, maybe not. Not all people are alike. A lot of this time period has gone by trying to analyse each person within the organisation. Much has happened since I joined, and there’s this one person who constantly has some problem. He just can’t come to terms with the fact that he or his fellow employees will get any benefit from the new developments within the organisation. He is just so stiff when it comes to using his mind. Ain’t that stupid. And I wonder how many times I have to tell him this…. He just won’t understand.

Guess what! A colleague and I slammed him with statements till he finally shut up… Finally! He has…

Anyway… at least he’s not going to bug me with those wierd and rerun questions again for a few days…


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