For the last 2 weeks I’ve been mostly hovering bet…

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been mostly hovering between home and work. Not much otherwise going on in my life, with a dash of salt and pepper at some instances. In the last 2 weeks though, I’ve caught up with 2 live performances shown on AAG TV, a new music channel from the GEO Network.

The first one I’d like to mention, and which I really did enjoy watching from start to finish, was of Dido. I love her music and she does a great job at retaining the quality and also pleases the crowd really well. There was complete harmony in all the instruments being played, and the entire band was enjoying performing before the crowd immensely. Did I mention she’s exactly 1 year older than me? When I say exactly, I mean on the same date.

The other was a live concert of Incubus (which I’m not a great fan of) and enjoyed it. The good thing is that it didn’t come with too many gaps in between, and was certainly a treat to watch. I was really surprised when there was a percussions solo in between, which kind of seemed that Overload was inspired from this very stint. Weird, but it made sense. I must say that Incubus is not a percussions specialist band, yet they did it just perfectly and it was simple awesome.

Last night I watched Karavan performing live, on the same channel, but unfortunately after seeing such great performances, this one seemed very bland. Let’s face it, if you enjoy performing, you would surely like to make your fans feel like watching you again and again. Obviously, this means that there should be something different or experimental in your approach each time, hence keeping viewers glued to you. That, I’m afraid, did not happen at all.

On the other hand, if you somehow get to see Mekaal Hasan Band performing, you’d see some variation each time. Believe me their performance is just too good. Lately the 2 videos that have been shot for 2 songs from their upcoming album are just great. Not that their choreography or video making technique is anything out of this world, but what really does satisfy is that they have performed the music live while getting it recorded.

Ramadhan is coming up real fast, just over a week left. Again, it will seem as if the 30 days are just too short for what we need to make sure that we get back on the right path. Too bad many of our people absolutely lose their patience. It’s really annoying to even think of what we have made out of this chance to prove ourselves better to God alone, yet we fancy in showing ourselves to be better amongst fellow humans. And what of making others’ lives miserable by your own everyday deeds?

Let’s just hope that we do make ourselves better at what we are, rather than what we have never been. Our own performances make us what we are, and we should cherish the fact that we can make it better the next time. There is no steep learning curve, yet some of us do make it sound as if it’s completely upright.


3 responses to “For the last 2 weeks I’ve been mostly hovering bet…

  1. hey ya 😀 Aag tv finally here cool! n u liking it? WOW must b good 😛 oh ya ramadan coming up, n mean ppl r put behind bars tou b goooood 😉 tc 🙂

  2. actually its ok… although Aag TV and Play have both varied from the norm of pakistani music channels… they are quite different from Indus Music, The Musik and a couple of others that had sprung up in the middle…

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