A New Beginning…

So the weekend’s here again. This is a special weekend, since tonight the moon will decide whether the Holy Month of Ramadan starts from tomorrow, or Monday.

In any case, the week will start from fasting, and hopefully this year will bring happiness, joy, hope, faith, wealth, health and all the good things in life that we so dearly wish for, to all those who deserve.

The Holy Month is symbolic of Allah’s great wealth of Mercy and Blessings for the believers of the greatest religion on earth. The religion is Islam, a symbol of peace and prosperity for all humanity. It gives us the balance we need in our lives to live it thoroughly right to the end, and in turn, all Allah asks for is that we live it with His Guidance, for our benefit, and those that are to follow us.

Ramadan brings with it lots of Blessings in disguise, fasting and prayer being just 2 of the most important and primary tenets of Islam. Fasting is a means of refraining ourselves from all that we desire and constantly reach out for throughout the year. A means by which we are asked to feel what it is to not have those luxuries of life, which many of our fellow humans have to suffer all their lives. We are also given the lesson of patience, honesty, sincerity and also staying away from all the bad things that spoil us all year. Just one month, in which we can prove ourselves that we are surely the best and greatest creation of Allah, that He claims that we are. And He is Knowledgeable.

Now, some of the bad things we notice, at least here in the city of Karachi. I don’t know why, but it seems that we are the worst at keeping ourselves intact and sane in this 1 month. We lose our patience over petty things, and show as if we are the only ones fasting. I’ve noticed this mostly till a couple of years ago, when the public transport was my sole method of commuting across the city. And now that the roads are all in bad shape this year, due to the extraordinary level of engineering works across the city, it seems that tempers are going to soar far above their previous levels.

Again, it’s not just that it happens during Ramadan, but throughout the year. In this month though, this is exaggerated many times due to the fact that they are refraining themselves from what they constantly crave and have all the time. Pity, though, that everyone tells the other that they are fasting, somehow trying to prove themselves better in terms of their efforts to refrain from the regular practices.

I hope, and I sincerely do, that the Holy Month of Ramadan this year helps us to truly connect with each other, and understand the real merits of fasting, prayer and offering our obligations, from Allah’s perspective.

This is my prayer for everyone, for all those that know me or not, but I know you, that you are somehow connected to me. And we can’t excel in our lives all alone, it is by working together, and in harmony that we shall excel in all worldly matters, and also in the sight of Allah.

May Allah Guide us all, so that we may proper. May Allah provide us what is of benefit to us and those we love. And May Allah Bless us all, with what He knows to be right for us.



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