Ramadan has started, today being the 2nd day of fasting. Again, as has been the case over the past few years, the NWFP people decide to go at it a day ahead of the rest of the country. The funny thing is that the zonal moon sighting committee pronounced that the moon has been sighted, stating it had 18 witnesses. Yet, the other zonal and central committees disapproved, and we had it starting on Monday. I guess there are some things that need to be seriously checked here.

Okay, so the first day was fine, hot as usual, as has been almost the same condition for over a week now. It’s weird, because this is actually the time for fall to turn in, but the summer has prolonged. Today I read the report which said that this year has been one of the hottest periods in over a million years of this planet, and just safe by 1.0 degree Celsius, to be the hottest ever. The report stated that if we keep up with the pattern of polluting and wasting natural resources at the current rate, we could easily go more the 2 degrees above the hottest temperature yet, and that the earth would be much different from what it is now. Yet we all keep polluting without a second thought.

Got to watch “The Devil Wears Prada” over the last couple of days. Interesting movie, but I wouldn’t watch it more than once. On the other hand, watched a bit of “Hitch” too yesterday, and to tell you the truth, its something I’ve watched for more than 3 times already, of course not complete.

The music that the radio stations have been playing is quite soothing since the week started, or probably I just tune into them when they’re at their best in the whole day … hehe … But getting back to religious programmes as time for Sehri & Iftar, and also pausing for regular Azaan breaks.

My colleague’s car got stolen yesterday, very close to the office. Since there is a constant problem of car parking, and the traffic police doing its part to make lives miserable, most car owners hand the keys over to the pathans who take care and move about the car whenever needed, ensuring that car owners don’t have to be bothered by what happens downstairs. How do they keep the police at bay? Simple! There’s something called “bhatta” exchanged between such individuals and the police. These “individuals” include the roadside encroachers spread across the entire city making a mess of the roads and reducing available movement space from one place to the other.

The poor guy yelled at the pathan. The car keys were still with the pathan, and the car was jacked internally to get it started and moving. He reported to the police, who were saying it would have been better had the car been insured and also if a tracker was installed. What the hell is the police there for, and what are the people paying high taxes for if the police can’t do its job, rather make it worse by going against their own responsibilities blatantly.

He knows he won’t get it back, partly due to his family’s mistake, since the car was supposed to be insured in the first place. Anyway, what’s done is done.

The loadshedding continues at its pace, making people’s lives miserable. The KESC has been facing a good share of miseries since its privatization. The KESC’s corrupt employees know they will not be tolerated for a long time, and would be let off soon, so they start creating havoc by wasting KESC resources and making the consumers face the misery. If that was not enough, WAPDA backed off from its agreements, which were to stay till the time KESC was self-sufficient to pay off its debts, hence cutting power to KESC and leading to another shortage of electricity. Now, we have the Tarbela Dam having some problems, and power from Kotri has also tripped. And what’s more interesting is that WAPDA (reported today) has no clue about the power cut to Karachi. What a bunch of losers and hypocrites!

And lets not forget how the prices of all necessities have again reached a new high, all thanks to the people who deliberately cause a shortage and then raise the prices on demand basis. How does the poor man survive at this rate of price hikes and inflation is something that needs jogging our imagination. And what’s more, the government is doing much to help. And even if it did, all efforts would have failed like they always have before.

The government is from the people. So, if the people at the ground level are such hypocrites and self-centered, we cannot expect anything short of that from the government, who are after all one of us, aren’t they?

Oh well… I guess complaining just doesn’t help much. But if there was something I could do, I would certainly try …


2 responses to “Ramblings…

  1. i need a free chilllllllllllll garmi heiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😛 oooh that NWFP line wud have been my post IF i had access to the blog-world but my point ws something different. Movies wow! i need to watch Devil wears Prada so it better be good..but then its ramadan 😀 no radio but im tooooooooootally in lov with peace tv. n i finally get to see some totally obscene geo programs :S power cut tou khi n other cities mei bhi tha..but they appointed a 'committee' na 😛 thats all they do!! God bless this pakiland of ours 🙂 n maybe ur frnd can get the car back *optimistic* 🙂

  2. very intrestin..poor friend man. bichara pathan. hmmm i cant believe that the power situation isnt still being sortd out. u guys shud go on sum mass protest lol. do sumthing eye-catching nd dangerous. its ramazan man..why r they being sooo stupid.

    isnt the devil wears prada a girly deal. do wanna chek it out but i plan 2 watch the clive owen one 1st "children of men". it looks really serious nd politicallified hehe. i'll recommend if it turns out 2 be good.

    hope works goin gud. hav a fab day!!

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