Almost the first week of Ramadan is coming to an e…

Almost the first week of Ramadan is coming to an end, today being Friday, and the 5th day of fasting. So far so good, and the heat thankfully is heading to a downward trend. Yes, its not as searing hot as it was at the start of the week…

Since the start though, many people including me haven’t been fairing well against the weather. I, speaking for myself, have been feeling quite weak, and my back aches, because I haven’t been consuming enough water, as much as is required. I have been drinking a lot after dusk, but I guess that doesn’t account for the whole day’s dry and hot weather.

Anyway, so today I’m taking a day off. Counting, I would assume I’ve already taken a week off over the past couple of months, due to various health related reasons. Many would assume it was deliberate, whereas it was really everything to do with the weather factor, which hasn’t been in any way stable.

Now I’m planning to reach out to people and set up some Iftar dinners. Last year I went for 5 of them, this year I intend to do more :D. And not to mention that I’d be enjoying it at home too, since my dad is coming over in a week or so.

My opportunity searching and response activities have seemingly come to a standstill for the last 2 weeks (now 3 weeks). It seems that everyone had a plan to sleep through Ramadan before it came… and that is surely raising issues at my planning end. I intended to be elsewhere after Eid, and now it seems that I’d be stuck where I am till at least a month after that. Now that, for me, isn’t good at all. Better ring a few bells and haunt them if they don’t wake up 😛

Everyone is feeling quite sleepy this Ramadan, the heat is getting to us all, and especially the fact that many of us still face a power outage at night. I hope it gets over soon and we can resume with our regular activities that actually should be keeping us all awake through these nights (not KESC). I am sure you guys know what I’m talking about 🙂

Time now for Darrell Hair to face the music. I say that the ICC should be told to firstly investigate as to why he created the ball tampering issue, which lead Inzamam or any of his team mates and management to do what they did, hence “bringing the game to disrepute”. If it wasn’t for Darrell’s mischief, none of this would have happened in the first place. When that is fixed, and Darrell is put on the hot seat, then only should the Pakistan team should consider the 4 one-day ban on Inzamam.

Am planning on changing my phone, but I’m sure I won’t be getting another competitively featured device in this price (ie the resale price). The bad part about a PDA is that the resale value is far less, unless you can sell it to the right person, who really is in need of one. Overall, I don’t have a problem with what I have, its fully functionally, and gives me a lot of flexibility. Anything that would compete it would be an HP IPAQ 6515, and I’m looking forward to somehow grab my hands on that 😛 if I do, I guess I’ll have what I really needed in the first place. Although I still feel uncomfortable sometimes that it’s comparatively a huge device, and a slim phone is so much easier to carry around without any involuntary or voluntary flaunt.

Oh well! Till I get my hands on something as sleek and unique as I would like it to be. Considering I’m good at comparing devices, I should consider posting a few cell phone reviews too 😛 personal ones to be exact, not rip offs.

Till I do any of that, probably next time I’ll have something really interesting to write about, and hopefully something new on the horizon too.


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