Weekend Bash

The weekend was by all means a cool off period. Friday was good, although I had to stay home because of a backache. It was less to do with bones, rather muscles, which are still not healed completely, and require a massage almost everyday.

Yet, I can’t sit still, no matter what the problem. So on Saturday night we went out to binge at the Pizza Hut Tariq Road outlet, on a Sehri deal. We love to hang out with the family, as much as we do with friends, so it’s all good.Sunday was my brother’s birthday, and we thought of hanging out the night before, rather than having Iftar somewhere out. Stayed up till 1am, and woke mum up to go for Sehri. Right at that time, the electricity went out, and mum had to wake up in any case, because she can’t sleep with no cooling, like me. Hence, we had to make a move.

So at 2am we placed the order. In case you’d like to know, the Sehri deal was for Rs 400 + GST (15%) for 1 Large Pizza and a 1.5 Litre drink. There are 3 deals offered at Iftar, but I’ve never tried going there for it. Some reviews from friends and colleagues suggest that the Iftar experience at Pizza Hut is not worth it, while others have always loved it. I wonder which side I should pick for this, should I consider hanging out somewhere.

So overall, had a good time, we came back at home at around 4am, after having our bellies completely full, stopping for a good cup of doodhpatti chai at one of the pathan hotels. Mind you, the pathan cafes make excellent tea, and especially if you keep a good rapport with them. It takes just a gesture to make the guys feel comfortable in making sure that your experience at their small cafes are worth it, hence each time I visit the nearest pathan café I have a small exchange of dialog and firm handshake. In fact, the roti waala near my place always feels happy when any of us brothers go there. The good thing is that near the roti waala, there is a constant breeze that makes you stand there for a while before you go back to wherever you were heading. The location is near Quetta Akram Hotel, on Rashid Minhas Road, a bit before ARY Cash & Carry, if you’re heading toward Drigh Road Station.

Wow! Now this is a weird combined review of Pizza and Tea. Next time I’ll pick something else 😛

Although Sunday wasn’t as pleasant, other than the usual bit of shopping here and there, I guess the Saturday night really overshadowed the rest of the things.

Recent movies I watched:
X-Men: The Last Stand (watched it last evening)
Hitch (for the 3rd time – ok it’s not THAT good, but it’s good, a nice pass time)
Underworld: Evolution (2nd time, watched it in one go, and it’s good)

And the person I bugged recently was Annie, from Radio 1…. I must say she’s as sweet as she sounds on the radio. So, Annie, if you’re reading this, good job, and I’ll be looking forward to listening more often.

Untamed, you’ve disappeared again. Don’t let the load shedding get the better of you 😛

Iced, stay cool, as ice 😀 heheh…

Too bad the intended face lift of this blog didn’t work out right as yet. So I’m thinking of something more radical. Just wait till I get one done… hahahahaha…. *evil grin*


6 responses to “Weekend Bash

  1. hahah!! sounds like u a had a blast of a weekend! mice 1! wud lov 2 wake up 4 sehri nd go 2 pizza hut but this god-forsaken country doesnt give me ny special treatz!

    btw if u dont mind me askin..did u hav an accident a while bakk? hope ur bone-ache gets betr.

    will try 2 saty as cool as ice..especially now that ive got a cold- will b xplained in my blog entry l8r. chao!

  2. nope, no accident recently, and it wasn’t the bone, it was the muscle. its more to do with seating postures that bug me the most.

    yeah one good blast, enjoyed it.

  3. ooooooooh look whos enjoying party-time 😛 happy bday to ur bro!! hope the backaches better n u do need to get it checked up since it seems to b a recurring thingy. ya tou chutti ka acha wala bahana 😉 hehe n a face lift? oh my 😛 abhi mere pas tou time itna bhi nai to update my own place tou phir no uplifts for my blog..idher hi dekhna parayga apki ‘skills’ ko 😛
    iced has a cold! gosh that lucky gal!!!!!! yahan tou garmi garmi aur bas garmi phew!!
    ek kool, doosri iced, i shud become baraf 😛
    n nooooooooo load shedding nai satcom ki meherbaani plus the connection access from the office :S im trying to stop complaining…trying :S

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