weekend bash 2

okay, the interview sessions that took place on the last weekend were quite disappointing. so nothing to write about this.

last night was my bro’s birthday. yes, once again we had a grand dinner, a bit earlier than what we did the last week, and a completely different venue. this time, handi inn at boat basin. now usually you’d expect just handis there to be the best, but you should try the chicken behari (a bit too spicy for my liking), chicken reshmi kabab, chicken boneless handi, paratha, and til waale naan.

after that, a drive towards sea view, where we had a great doodhpatti chai from one of those khokha style shops. at 2am we got back home, full, and very sleepy.

woke up today at 2pm, after 12 whole hours! was quite startled that i slept this long, but hey, its a weekend… kya farq parhta hai… at least i got what i wanted, a good amount of rest.

so, what did you guys on this weekend?


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