iftar dining

iDuring this Ramadan, till now at least, I’ve had 3 dining out opportunities, and of course had the chance to get some feedback regarding others too, which I intend to go for by the end of the month.

Village Salt & Pepper – really good, and you actually do have the opportunity to eat all that you can, for a price of Rs 525 per person (which does not include water and drinks, by the way).

Hollywood Grill – you’ll enjoy the Rotessori Chicken and the Pizzas (flat-bread), although they just don’t have the ability to for a buffet arrangement.

Pizza Hut – they go completely berserk in Ramadan, and the quality of servings reduces to a drastically low level, even to make you feel uncomfortable to go there ever again. Don’t know what Dominoes and Papa John’s have in store. Papa John’s is for 250 per person.

Nando’s – have to try that, at a reasonable price of Rs 200, you can choose between 2 dishes, which by all means are enough for an Iftar meal, I’m sure.

Hanif Rajput is next on my list, and I believe it should be really good, considering the reputation they have for excellence in food, and also my personal experience (although not at any Iftar).

Haven’t checked out many of the others, and intend to that soon, before Ramadan ends 🙂


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