It’s quite wierd but although I may not be interested in a particular task, it seems that I still manage to do a pretty good at it. It makes me and others think what is my objective when this happens. Kind of confusing, isn’t it?

During this week, I managed to visit about 6 of my clients, and satisfied each one of them with what I had to say and asked them to consider my offering of a presentation/meeting either next week, or soon after Eid. My boss was all smiles and all good words, and I was amazed as to how I manage to do a better job, despite my disinterest.

Have you guys ever faced any of this?


2 responses to “progress

  1. hmmm..reminds me of the times when I used to lazily shoot a roll of film and my teacher wud be like “wow” be like huh?..thatz not realli in the same context as u hahaa.

    am reaali happy that works going well 4 u..keep it up yaar!

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