cell phone fiasco

although cell phones have become a necessity, previously a luxury, it seems there are too many options available to choose from. that in itself leads to tremendous confusion, as to which is a better choice.

i’ve been trying to finalise what i should do. i know i want to sell my PDA now, as it now seems more of a heavy piece of equipment more than a multimedia phone. true, a PDA is meant to perform more and also work in more ways than what a phone would ever be able to do, and hence my reason to go for it.

now, i’m determined i want to go for a slick and more professional looking phone, keeping in mind the budgetary constraints (that always exist for any expenditure you intend to make). 2 options: the Nokia N72, and the Sony Ericsson W810i.

both are in their own leagues, and although having more or less the same features, are yet different. the nokia features a Symbian operation system, the same that is available in the N70 model, except there is no 3G connectivity possibility. well, it isn’t needed either in Pakistan, and it would be quite some time to actually start using a 3G service since it hasn’t even worked anywhere in the world properly (barring a handful of countries).

the W810i is a regular sony ericsson phone, with all the additional features to support improved photo and video capturing features, and most importantly its much flaunted Walkman feature. this in itself is an uncontested feature, and cannot be compared with the XpressMusic feature by Nokia.

head to head, the N72 is 20g heavier than the W810i, but offers some further features that the latter doesn’t. although the memory card supplied in the package is only of 1/4 capacity. yet, the price of the N72 is higher.

the question is, how do balance out such features and pricing, such that you end up making a favourable deal? now that’s what i’m trying to answer here…


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