first day after Eid

First day at work again, although quite silent for a first day. Late today, I still managed to find an appropriate parking spot conveniently, with the least rush in any of the service lanes. More importantly, over 80% of the staff is already here, yet it seems that half of them are still not here, and not over the Eid Holiday phase.

Unlike me, many tend to enjoy the whole Eid mood, and have lots of things to do, and find a mere 3 days to be quite less to make sure they have had the much deserved fun they have been waiting for.

As I mentioned in my last post, for me Eid is boring, with barely any activity. In a previous post I mentioned that I am not socialite to the core, which still stands true; though I do feel that being a socialite does change everything, especially how you go about and meet so many people that you barely get to meet, other than over an occasional phone call.

Back in the office, we’re all greeting each other as we meet up again after almost a whole week. The internet supply to all our desks have been cut down, due to some odd reason that still needs justifying from the management, and as you may have guessed, I absolutely do not support the idea of killing access to information. I am and always have been the source of many pieces of information for many people that I work with and even those that I don’t. Which means, having access to such information is crucial and limiting is killing what I stand for. Therefore, my productivity is hurt, and I know it as a fact, irrespective if others share this idea or not.

I hate to say this but I feel more detached due to this approach, than I have before. Hence the old saying – Old work and no play makes ME a dull boy!


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