week long exercise…

one thing i just don’t enjoy is NO INTERNET… since the last week of Ramadan, there has been no internet access provided to the whole office, except the top management and the technical team (as if they are the all too pious). virus attacks they say… that’s what you get for not listening when an expert advise is given for IS security…. did that over 6 months ago…

managing to access the internet through only my phone, and occassionally on the home PC or laptop… other than that, just dependent on the GPRS service and the phone’s battery life. as is always the case, any data transmitted or received (that includes calls) over the network consumes more battery that you would transferring in a close range over Bluetooth or IRDA. even WiFi sucks out all the battery because it is after all an OTA interaction of a not so close proximity.

over the week, i have been missing out on a whole lot of information coming my way. had a habit of constantly searching out for new stuff to feed my brain… and that’s not happening. I HATE THAT! what’s more, i have to tell my subordinates to be patient, and we are trying our best (YEAH RIGHT!)

anyway, progress has been there. my boss has asked for a response to what we discussed some weeks ago. i think a response is due. and i finally got to talk to the person who was due from the US to identify the key people for his business here. met him today, and have asked them to respond tomorrow, or else the decision will be made in favour of my current boss. as much as i would like to move on, i can’t do without making a decision. and that means things remain stuck in oblivion till something really happens. uncertainty being at a high like never before.

i still haven’t decided on what to do with my cell phone. today i took it over to the Service Center to get an upgraded software. didn’t get that done because they couldn’t supply me a temp phone which had bluetooth on it for transferring my contacts. said they’d give me something like 3310 (i would NEVER go for that). told them to shove it, and i’ll make my own arrangements for a download and installation. the one thing i hate is making things complicated for no reason.

at the office, was myself throughout the day, and no questions were asked. as i said earlier, the matter is that of absolute uncertainty. need to settle this by Saturday. and when i do confront him again, i should have a decision at hand, and be prepared to spend at least one whole year at my chosen destination.

lots of choices to make… let’s hope for the best.


3 responses to “week long exercise…

  1. hmmmmmmmm saturday tou guzar gaya! so kya finalize hua? no net na tabhi sms pe guzara tha πŸ˜› 3310 mei kya burai hei :O? awaz aati hei ek dum saaf n waise for the sms-zadah loag, sms ata bhi hei jata bhi hei…matlab cellphone ke poore taqazon per fit hei lols πŸ˜€ aj aba ka kuch kaam karna hei tou aram se net milgaya. ek tou when im on net y isnt anyone on msn! 😦 sad!

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