It’s been well over a fortnight that internet access has been blocked at work, leaving only a few systems to have the access and do whatever they want. Nevertheless, much as I expected, I did get my way around and now keep accessing the internet on-and-off, without making the impression that I’m taking undue advantage.

The trouble with me is that you keep me in the dark and I’ll revolt real bad. Yet, I kept my silence, considering that I have that advantage which no one else does, ie access to the IT department 😛

Anyway, a lot of things have happened in the last 2 weeks, and that includes the fact that I’ve decided to take up the opportunity that my company has given me – the role that I initially applied for over a year ago. That, by itself, gives a major boost to my profile with the company, and also with the clients.

To add to that, I get what everyone else gets too after spending some time with a particular organisation and working to expectations. Need I say more?

Progress is the name of the game here, and that’s what I can’t do without. Tomorrow have a queue up of 4 meetings all in one area, and that’s what I just wanted – more interaction.

I guess I’m getting used to interacting more now 🙂 in a good way…

That reminds me, I haven’t done much browsing around on blogs lately, so I’m commenting around…. hope it fills up for a few days 😀 wishful thinking on my part… heheheh…


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