time goes by… quite slow usually

The phasing in period has started, and I’m on the move to being completely part of the Technical Team. It may seem that I’ve migrated from being a core business/finance person, to a tech oriented person. I actually disagree, because here are the core business logic and methods at work, with a lot of concentration to improve a ridiculously under-managed system of sorts.
Anyway, that being said, I like to keep all this on a low level, although I’ll be involved more and more each day in fire-fighting quite a few areas that require immediate response, and have a critical position in ensuring better operations. So, back to business I guess 🙂
On the other hand, my dad’s flight has taken off by now (provided no VIP or some lunatic decided to delay it). I already miss him!
I like the idea of having changes frequently. I get tired of routine things too easily, and more so if they are not to my liking from the first day. Yup, there are quite a few things that happen on a regular basis, which I just cannot stand, yet have to get along with it, most of which are at my office.
I’m planning up something to clean up the mess… no, not at my office, but maybe a moving around would just do the trick 😉 hehe… working on it…
The weather in the morning and nights is quite cool, and giving signs of winter nearing, the days are quite hot though. Hopefully this will settle down gradually. In a couple of days an exhibition of defence equipments will take place, and we’ll be all stuck with several streets being hijacked for the sole commute of dignatories and guests of the exhibition. What’s more, I won’t be able to find a decent parking spot for almost a week. Might as well just give the whole city time out… the only thing is that Karachiites just can’t spend a whole day trapped in their homes. Must get some air… and unfortunately our good old security concerns will kill the very access to any fun or road travel.
We’ll have to wait and see what unfolds from the 20th of November.

3 responses to “time goes by… quite slow usually

  1. moving around? sounds like sth that came outta nowhere 😛 when our dad visited in CA it was like he had never gone. when he went back, it was as though he was never there! v dont get that feeling here ..v definitely miss him whenever hes gone. neways the 'ideas' eeks khi gonna go berzerk again. gooooooooooooooood thing i stay stuck at home :d

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