With the grand IDEAS coming to town, in comes the chilly weather at nights, right up till the early morning. Honestly, I haven’t had any issues with the security arrangements, and much to my delight, I haven’t had any reason to go in such areas where I would encounter those 25,000 odd armed men. By the way, this figure appeared in the papers recently, and I was utterly shocked.

I do know several people who live close to the Expo Center, who have been facing trouble throughout the week, each day cursing why this event has to take place right in the middle of the city. If you ask me, I’m speechless too.

Saturday’s here, the end of the week (almost), have a group of friends gathering for lunch. The morning was quite cold, and it’s obvious I wouldn’t feel like getting up, love hibernating at times 😛

What else. Yes, the task I started off in managing a completely different department is streamlining. I’m happy, at least it’s going the way I foresaw it. A bit slow at times, but hey, it takes time to adjust to things that are moving faster than you’re used to. Not saying that I’m slow, the rest of them are. I’m quicker than many others in the whole company, much like I was in my previous employment too. Too bad they have to settle with someone who is more agile than the rest.

Yes, its getting cold, and I love the winters. This year Karachi is expecting a lot more colder weather than last year. This year we also had an intense level of heat.

Later; gotta work now 🙂


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  1. hey i read ur blog after such long time as i was out of country….good change….nice layout…..
    i just wanna tell u that i was part of IDEAS….it was a massive eventn fetched loads n loads of business for many people. i know it caused prob for general public but security was needed for such a event.

  2. @untamed:
    you’ll get used to it… soon enough 😛

    yup, that many… the good is not much of an effect was felt where security was needed… other than the usual cellphone and car snatching incidents.

    hey, long time no see… i see, a friend of mine was also part of the IDEAS program, at least on the first day… how did it go? and i seriously hope the forces now consider on protecting the city properly so that at times like these, not much security is needed.

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