‘Tis the season to be jolly…

And yes, we have rains and we have winter, and most of the upper parts of the country have had quite a bit of snow in the last couple of days. We had a brief rain session last week in the middle of the night, with a lot of glitz and glamour (thunder and lighting). Many just slept through though (that includes me), only to find that the roads were all soaked in the morning.

Then we had it again, right from Sunday afternoon, thru till last evening. And this officially marks the start of winter. Many people got stuck yesterday too, and didn’t take the lesson learnt from the summer storms. People, when you have a weather like that, you try and keep away from short routes, that includes Sharae Faisal, being inundated Nursery and near Hotel Metropolitan (former, that is). Funnily enough, there are 2 easily accessible and most used exit points from I I Chundrigar Road, M A Jinnah Road being the other (again, going through Burns Road).

Today I manage to post after a fortnight. Yes, the nights are getting longer each day (ok, now this was a weird link) and days getting shorter. And soon it will be the end of 2006. Another year gone by, another set of memories accumulated, both good and bad; many reasons to ponder on past events, some lessons to learn, and some moments to cherish. I’d like to look at this as an opportunity to correct the wrong, to learn from experience, and rejoice over whatever good has happened… and of course, thank the Almighty, for whatever He has given and gifted in all this time.

Many friends made in this very year, and some lost friend regained. More recently, we’ve been meeting up and chatting up quite regularly, which brings many old memories back, and also something new to enjoy. Moon sighting issues occurred 2 times this year, and were we all in for one big turmoil. And then we also have the Women’s Rights Bill being passed with much tantrum and shocks. Quite a ride!

So, it is the season again to seriously be jolly. It seems we are to have a really cold and slightly longer winter this year (unless the MET office has screwed it up the forecast again). Although this will not be the last post for this year, there are some things I would prefer not to talk about again, at least not in this month.

Yes, why should I forget the sudden change in my own stance to make things suddenly better at work? I guess it was all for the best and I seriously am going to keep people on their toes; they better not underestimate me, ever.

Yesterday the downpour, today the sun was up. Evolution! It keeps happening, and as long as there is change, there will be something to look up to at all times. The only thing constant in this universe is change.

My new year’s resolution: bring some change… a good and positive change in my life, and for those around me. And Insha Allah I will 🙂


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