What’s Next….

After the continuous rain for almost 36 hours, we have seen none. All is calm, the weather getting really cold at nights, and throughout the day it is quite pleasant (much like what I would prefer to have throughout the year).

Much like everyone else, I too eventually faced a bit of flu and fever, but thankfully recovered within a day. Saturday 3 of us bloggers and a couple of “others” gathered for lunch at Nando’s. None of us having met before, it was quite an experience, with good food, , and quite the fun. One of the poor chaps ended up paying the bill (right now must be cursing all 4 of us) 😛

Sunday was ok, as is usual with me – nothing much on the agenda. Oh yes! Got the car tuned up, and now its racing just fine 🙂

So back to work, and yesterday was one of the days I actually enjoyed. I can’t believe we wound up at 4 clients between 3 and 7pm, a record for me at least.

Question: What’s Next…


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