a new day, a new world…

While the year ends, there are quite a few fun-filled events lined up for most people. The wedding season is at its peak and will continue to be so till the end of January. The best thing about this year end is it ends where the Faithful perform the Hajj, and then celebrate the Eid-ul-Adha across the entire world, and at the same time commemorating the beginning of a new year. So for those living in foreign non-Muslim states can also have the best time to enjoy the festivities of Eid during the officially announced public holidays.

We just had a 2 day downpour, and the temperature is getting back to its usual self, albeit a bit pleasant at nights. In the mornings and throughout the day, for the last week it has been quite warm, quite unlike what it is supposed to be in winters. I guess the best is yet to come, or perhaps not. I remember in the last year many sacrificial animals fell sick, owing to the intense cold at nights. This year should ideally be the same or perhaps even more cold, but seems to be otherwise. In the northern parts of the country, for example Lahore and Islamabad (I’ve heard from these 2 cities only) it’s quite cold throughout the day, and even more at nights.

The last couple of weeks have been quite hectic, barely getting any time for anything. The funniest was the start of this week, Monday. Our entire office was flooded with water since I don’t know when, and neither does anyone have a clue how it happened. Anyway, the good thing is that we all managed to get back to work at noon, but of course as on Monday, customers called in hordes and asked for a quick resolution to their problems. Typical of them, actually. I would do the same had I been in their position, but at times you also have to understand the position of the vendor, which unfortunately most of us forget when we have to report to someone.

I’m switching to a new blog address, as I’ve seen a lot of issues on Blogger lately. My idea is to acquire a domain name, and identify a suitable hosting plan for my blog. Of course, I intend to create a personal website too, which hopefully I’ll do soon. You can find the updated link to my blog on my Orkut profile. Which means you’ll have to keep a watch on it occasionally to be where I’m heading.

In my last blog, I asked the question “What’s Next…” Answer: a lot, including the New Year and a determination to sort out the mess in my life and get everything back on track once again. Let’s hope I’m successful in that.


2 responses to “a new day, a new world…

  1. hello:)..a new blogger is in..had so much to explore, even forgot how to comment;)..hehe..i wish i have so much time on my hands to write this big a post..

    Ahaan, the best is yet to come..yea yea…

    btw, when did ur life get messy?:P

  2. veeeeeeeery nice n 'neat' template 😀 love the dark-ish bg its almost like my old blogger wala bg!!

    how can there b a life without mess 😛 i mean mess is fun na.. haan bas utltey seedhay maslay na hon tou sab fit hei 😉

    an office flood sounds soooooooooo funny hehehe monday ko sab office mei n no kaam wah wah 😀

    u dun have ur orkut profile link here janab!! n good luck with the new domain 🙂

    u'r on track 😛 get off-track for a while hehe

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