world at its pace…

In a previous post of mine, I’ve mentioned that technology is a tool for making things easier for us all. I’ll add the description “indispensable” to it, as surely it has played a huge part in our lives. From computers that took up a whole room, now the size of a notebook, it has added more than conceivable value to our lives.

Just last night, the thought of it came to me, while I was sending a text message to a friend, how convenient and practically effortless has it become to maintain communication. What’s more, the devices that support and provide us this capability are several times faster and more capable than that first computer that was ever created. Let’s just say that our mind knows no limits, and the more you dig in, the more power you will find.

The brain itself is the most powerful automated system that has been produced, and by a far superior being than us. We of course, have just started to realize the vast expanse and capability of our small brain. Of course, we don’t know what else we are capable of, and we will have to excavate further to do that. All thanks to Allah, we have something that we can forever feel grateful and use this great gift that we can never replicate or deny to be the most powerful organ that we have.

Getting back to where I started, a laptop was a simple and hefty notebook style device, a miniaturized personal computer, suitable for working on the move. Today, all it needs is the capability to slide in a cell phone SIM card, just like any external memory card. In doing that, I believe it can not only use the SIM to hook up to the cellular service provider network for data, but also calls, messaging and other mobile services. Effectively, the laptop itself would be a converged device to equip a mobile phone within itself, just like the mobile phone has somehow taken up a few features of the laptop.

So heading into the future, we expect many enhancements to our very own devices, and at a much faster pace that we have received them yet. Watch out world …


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