what’s up!!!

Lately I’ve been quite busy these days for just about everything. It’s been like waking up, go to work, come back, watch TV, talk on the phone for a bit and back to sleep. Occasionally, I manage to take a walk around Askari and come back after 45 to 60 minutes. The best part is having the wonderful breeze make you feel completely at ease, and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Last week we had the official launch of Microsoft’s new and improved (or so we believe it to be) operating system, Windows Vista. The first half of the day was interesting, showing all the glamorous bells and whistles they’ve gathered to make it appealing for the masses. Most of which, as most of the techie people will tell, is an offshoot of the more powerful and highly capable Linux and Apple platforms. So yeah, a good replication, but let’s see if it upholds its reputation of being a Microsoft product, or not. If you know what I mean 😉

Unfortunately, I haven’t studied a word for the past week. Hopefully, if I manage to streamline my schedule like I have for the past 3 workdays, I’ll make sure I study each evening for at least 1-2 hours. The more the better, but making sure I don’t exhaust myself. Cramming in doesn’t help, and its best to take things in at one’s own pace, rather than rushing it in. So that’s something I’ll do from tomorrow, for sure, no more waiting.

Karachi’s weather pattern is somewhat unstable these days, once again, like it was the entire 2006. We have cool nights, and quite hot days. Then we have a cool breeze all day, along with the heat, and loads of mosquitoes all day and night. What’s more, I hate that I have to have the fan on, put on a chaadar or blanket and still be stung by mosquitoes. Call this crazy, but that’s how it is usually for the past few years.

Yet, I very strongly believe, the best is yet to come … and it will, for sure 🙂


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