For the past week I’ve been lazing off at home, doing practically nothing. For the past weeks (before I took time out), I’ve had frequent headaches during work hours, so much that I would literally end up feeling dizzy by the time I went to bed. The reason is simple, unfortunately I still don’t follow what I should be doing to reduce any kind of stress at work. Or let’s just say, I don’t get to do it… due to obvious reasons when you are employed at certain places.

So here are a few tips for all of you people, who tend to think that giving the best at all times is key to success.

Don’t always be nice. Unless you are working for a very well reputed organization, and that your colleagues – or most of them that you regularly interact with – are comfortable and trustworthy.

Establish a relationship of trust. If you can’t, or the environment does not allow that to happen, you better not get too friendly with anyone. Friendship is developed on trust, which can never last if the latter is not present.

The environment plays a natural part in the well-being of each individual within the organization. Should you face a non-congenial environment, you will find people depressed, angry and frustrated, lethargic, while only some will seem agile and trying to make an effort. The environment of course is highly dependent on the psyche of the top management, and how they see things.

Management determines the organizational culture. It helps determine whether people are given the opportunity to express themselves and perform well, or follow orders and not make a single effort on their own. For me, the latter is hell. Spending more than 8 hours in a day in such an environment can change your perspective into pessimism, unless you search other avenues to explore and express.

A few things remain that I can’t think of right now, but will add soon.

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