2 whole months of no blogging whatsoever… now that’s something – at least for me. This means there was either no room to express myself, or I was unwilling to do so. Either way, I have been away, though I did visit the blog often to see what I could do, but lacked the motivation.

Anyway, over 2 months of Mobile Number Portability (MNP), and some comments talked about who was going to rule after the implementation. The larger cellular companies kept their mouth shut on the public media, and only published MNP related information on their websites, or at their franchise or customer services outlets. Telenor did advertise for some time, asking people to recognize their quality and strength, and join their network. Warid didn’t do anything, in facts its one of the most silent players among the lot. Recently, you must have seen some ads from Warid about 50 free minutes campaign. This came out around 2-3 weeks after they launched and publicized on their website. Warid has also launched the Talky (similar to Bubble Message by Telenor), which had some advertising. They recently launched the discounted Friends & Family rates, and the balance transfer facility.

Ufone has been bugging me a lot, for well over a year. Yet, for the sake of convenience and not changing numbers again, I have resolved to stick to it. It gives me the convenience of having a flat rate for all outbound calls, and a discounted flat rate to my F&F numbers, and a flat 12 paisa rate for texts to any network, and a flat GPRS data access rate too. However, for about 3 weeks now, I’ve constantly been facing problems with the network during calls, texts, GPRS access, you name it. All in the name of service upgrade.

To be fair, no cell phone network in Pakistan scores a high. Warid is constantly in a loss; Mobilink boasts the biggest network (which it surely has), but we all know of its issues; Telenor has its own issues too, and its cost structure is only favouring the callers, and not text savvy people; and Paktel, all I know is that its Made in China 😛

The weather’s been awfully hot too. Unbearable at times too and surely doesn’t work for the likes of me. I was off the work scene for some time; now back in action, well to start with at least. I get sick of doing nothing. No power also gets me frustrated (happens to everyone, doesn’t it?).


4 responses to “back…

  1. Welcome back 🙂
    I can well relate to the first para of ur blog is dead cos of that n ofcourse my busy schedule 😉

    Get ur thing going:)

    All the best!

  2. Welcome back 🙂
    I can well relate to the first para of ur blog is dead cos of that n ofcourse my busy schedule 😉

    Get ur thing going:)

    All the best!

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