heat ~ headache

We’ve already settled with the fact that the summer’s here to stay for some time. Today though, I have a very bad headache. Was too sleep in the morning, not in the mood to get up at all. But then I did, and now this headache since the morning 😦


Tomorrow have the Microsoft PDC 2007 to attend, which will last for 2 whole days. Funny thing is, you can’t take your cellphone with you… clear instructions… else they keep it outside, at your own risk… so I’ll be out of touch mostly during the next couple of days.

Almost time to go home, but have to take an interview today, and I’m certainly not in the mood for any work. Ok so here comes the candidate… I’m off…. and I’ll be heading home right after… Good thing I met up with a couple of people today, both complaining of headaches and drowsiness… Laters…


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