weekend, again :)

The previous week has been quite easy going, but went through pretty quick. I was facing a few issues, but I’m glad they were just a temporary thing, and not intended to stay. It all comes down to how you intend to handle it, eventually the outcome is a direct consequence of actions undertaken to either resolve an issue or magnify it.

Of course, we cannot deny, and neither should, the prayer and determination are the key to making things happen. Time and again I say this to others, but often we all find ourselves not following some critical issues along the same lines. Anyway, I’m glad things moved on and I’m much much better.

Early last week the Microsoft PDC 2007 took place, over a period of 2 full days. Although I thought I’d find it very useful, my expection wasn’t matched to the least. The conference guidelines included that cellphones wouldn’t be allowed. But since we’re the typical Pakistanis, we just don’t follow any rules, do we? So there I was, with no phone, while everyone had theirs and freely using it inside and outside the halls.

The 2nd day I just went along with my cellphone and managed to capture some good shots. Any idea which part of Karachi are captured in the pictures below?

MS PDC 2007 Panorama 1

MS PDC 2007 Panorama 2

Ok, the next 2 would be easier, I’m sure 🙂

MS PDC 2007 Panorama 3

MS PDC 2007 Panorama 4

These days I kind of like the idea of spending a weekend at home, or going out with friends/family. At last my car’s fixed, and now we can all take a ride anywhere we want. Oh yes, how can I forget the rain 🙂 It started on Friday with a sandstorm, later progressing to an immense downpour. On Saturday it was quite violent and a lot of people were suffered, property destroyed and communications broken down. The meteorological office has forcasted a further 4 days of thunderstorms with a greater intensity that it was on Saturday. So far today, the rain was very pleasant 🙂 I’d like more of this please, for the next week even would be just great 🙂

I love the rain 🙂 I just don’t like the mess it creates here…


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