Jump starting the week

It’s a shame that a week has to start with a downtime. And the most amazing thing is that people knew about it over the weekend, but didn’t take any ownership and have it temporarily started up through alternative means.

The weekend has been a bit of havoc too. Got stuck in the rain, the car almost got stuck 4 times, even while running on petrol. And yesterday was no exception to the horrifying heat that engulfed the whole city; yet again, the other car got over-heated on the way. It was way too hot for anything to get around.

I also fell sick, and right now I still have a headache, a slight feverish feeling, cough and cold. I don’t feel right, feel like just going back home. Unfortunately, that won’t solve the issue. At least it’s cooler here at the office.

I so hate everything sometimes. And this darn weather makes everything worse!

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